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What exactly is human engineering in furniture?

Release date:2017-09-25
Human engineering is a new subject developed after the second world war. Its name is more, in the United States known as "Human Engineering" or "Human Factors", the European countries called "Ergonomics", while in Japan, human engineering is named "human engineering"". In our country, because of the different fields of human engineering and have different emphases, such as "Ergonomics" "human engineering" and "Ergonomics" and "human engineering" and "Ergonomics".

Seat design
Reasonable seat angle, will reduce the user's back, waist and other parts of the body fatigue, reduce the chance of illness.

The field and scope of human engineering involves a very wide, permeated all fields of human life and work, but the content of their research is still in the development stage, the professional field of different emphases are very different. To sum up, through the basic research methods of human engineering measurement, statistical analysis, study of human anatomy, in the work environment in physiology, psychology and other factors to improve the environment, work and leisure, to obtain an edge science comfortable and efficient living environment.

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The physiological function of human body and <br / furniture

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The furniture is mainly based on the human scale, such as reaching maximum range when the body posture, body length and height of leg and thigh posture when the range of activities, position the body width, length and turning range have a close relationship with the size of furniture.
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